The Process

All of our design services use the following process to ensure that nothing is missed during the development process.

1. Discovery

To be able to properly understand what your design and development needs are, we must go through a process called “discovery”. This involves communication with you regarding your needs and desires for your website or application. We often have clients fill out a Discovery Worksheet as a starting point; this worksheet asks questions about colors, other sites you like, what you would really like to see on the site, etc.

Once the worksheet has been filled, further communication is often needed, either over email or on the phone to clarify and finalize your needs.

2. Contract

Once we have determined your needs, a contract will be sent to you. Not only will this make clear what is expected of both you and our company, it will also define the following elements:

  • Statement of Work: what specifically is included as far as work to be done
  • Payment Amount and Schedule
  • Time Schedule and Milestones

Having a clear contract protects both you and us, and prevents confusion in the future.

3. Wireframes

The initial part of the design process is the wireframing process. This involves very simple layout using black and white lines, to ensure that we have everything we want included on the pages of your website. This may often start with a simple sketch provided by yourselves, and go from there, or we can start the wireframes from scratch.

4. Design

The next part of the design process is creating “comps” — these are full design images that will show almost exactly what your site or application will look like. It is important during this process that you provide speedy communication regarding your thoughts on the designs, or the entire process can get bogged down.

5. Development

Once you have signed off on the design comps, actual development and programming begins. It’s important to understand that once you have signed off on design, changes to the appearance of the site should be minimal at this point. Make sure you get any changes, additions, etc. done during the design round, because it is far more difficult to implement them during the development change. Large or complicated changes outside of the scope of the original contract can incur further charges.

6. Testing

As the site is developed, you will be sent a link to the development version of the site on our servers. You will be able to fully test and try out the site during this time. We will also be testing to make certain that the site is working as expected in all browsers.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the way my site re-launch turned out. Rebecca was great every step of the way; she was easy to work with, reached every goal we set for the site, and did so on time and with exceptional quality. I highly recommend her for any web work you need!

Jared Cooper

I’d have to say Rebecca is the most efficient, easy going, web designer out there. She communicates effectively and gets the job done. Its as simple as click, click, BAM, and the job is complete and your up and running. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who wants to work with an approachable computer wiz who gets results.


Leonardo Alvarez

Rebecca has provided me with brilliant service time and time again, going over and above what I expected from her. She has a fantastic breadth of knowledge and expertise, and I would never hesitate to work with her again in the future.


Mark Spivey

Rebecca partnered with our designer and built a fantastic website for our small neighborhood organization! It was important for us to have control over the content, to have flexibility and to be able add functionality later. Most importantly, we had to get a site up quickly – as we were working against an event deadline. Rebecca nailed it! I so appreciate the time she took to walk me through all the functionality so that I was able to maintain our site after she launched the site. She was accessible as I had questions in the weeks after we launched the site. Even several months into our launch, she is very quick to answer questions via email and make small tweaks that help us when unexpected needs crop up. I’m completely impressed that we were able to launch our site so quickly, especially given that all of our business was conducted via email or phone. She’s savvy and professional, get her while you can!

Admiral Neighborhood Organization

Ann Limbaugh

Excellent, outstanding, spectacular and magnificent are only a few of the words I’d use to describe Rebecca and the quality of her work. Prompt and attention to detail are also to be included in her qualities. We think of her as our “outsourced – in house” web builder and revel in the knowledge that we have such talent on our team.


Don Silver

Rebecca developed an outstanding website for me and helped me to understand how to use WordPress to create a blog and update my site. Whenever I contact Rebecca with questions, she responds promptly and is exceptionally friendly and helpful. Not only is she a pleasure to interact with, she always had exactly the answer I need, no matter how confused and lost I am! Rebecca has deep content knowledge in her field and knows how to simply and clearly explain information for those of us who are not as well versed in the terminology and programs. I am very impressed with Rebecca’s work and would hire her again in a heartbeat! If you have a need for the services that Rebecca provides, I recommend her most highly and doubt that you would find anyone else more qualified and easy to work with.


Bridget Sampson

Rebecca has been our programming consultant for seven years at L.A. Youth, a small independent non-profit teen newspaper in Los Angeles. During this time she has rescued us from my ignorance more times than I can count. I’m ostensibly in charge of our website, but in practice that means I do what Rebecca tells me to do, including not worry when it’s no big deal and “sit tight” when she says she’ll figure it out. And figure it out, she does. Quickly and usually with a tip to make sure the problem won’t occur again or she fixes it in a way that prevents it from happening again. Another of her “best attributes” is that she’s able to work with someone who has very little programming knowledge and translate solutions so that I can understand and implement them. And she’s always incredibly patient when I need the simplest things explained. I cannot recommend her work highly enough.

L.A. Youth

Mike Fricano, Managing Editor

Our website needed a facelift, both with the function and the design. The old website we had was good but Rebecca transformed our new website into something great. Rebecca worked closely with us and our graphic designer to turn our vision into a reality. With Rebecca’s help and guidance, we added many new features we didn’t have before, like a Blog and Shop she created from scratch. She was always available for us and returned emails and calls promptly. She sat with us and instructed us on how to make changes to content ourselves and explained the back end in a way we felt like we could understand and handle. Even after the project was complete she remained a great go-to person when we had questions. Her price was fair and we received excellent service. We would definitely recommend her and will use her in the future if need be.

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